Friday, December 23, 2011

Month 5! Getting so BIG

Damon Jay,

5 Months...I swear time goes quicker and quicker every day.  You are getting so funny!  Your little personality kills us.  You are usually in a pretty good mood and smile and laugh, but the other night you were swinging and were almost asleep when your dad stood in front of you and started trying to talk to you.  You just stared at him with the dirtiest look for quite a while and then turned to me and did the same thing.  You looked back and forth at us until we decided to leave you alone.  This went on for quite a while and we were dying laughing! We are so looking forward to what you will be like when get a little older.  You are trying to turn over now.  You have been able to go from your tummy to back but finally figured out how to turn from your back to your stomach...only once!  Yay :)  

You started eating rice cereal and you do really well with it!  It is a tad frustrating for you because it is not very quick eating from a spoon.  You seem to like it more each day!  Your sleeping habits are still not the greatest and we are hoping you get it figured out...soon please!  We adore you and are so happy you are in our life.  Love you! 


Monday, December 5, 2011

Month 4 and Our Cute Little Tiger

Okay, okay I am SO behind!  Damon has been 4 months for quite some time now...I am horrible at this whole blog thing.  And I never did get around to posting anything for Halloween so I'll include those here as well.  As many of you know Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.  As a kid I started planning the next years Halloween festivities the day after Halloween.  I couldn't get enough of dressing up and our school's Halloween Carnival was the best night of my young life!  The holiday seemed to last all of October; I would bug my mom to put up early Halloween decorations and she would go all out.  Even after I got older and she started doing less decorating for Halloween because we were teenagers I would try to talk her into doing more.  It's kinda weird that Halloween is such a big deal to me because I am such a wuss about scary things.  I do not watch scary movies and I close my eyes as I walk through Haunted Houses (which means I was a waste of money on Halloween dates cuz I never saw anything but the floor or the back of my eyelids). I even have to turn away from scary commercials...I'm a wuss.  

This year for Halloween BJ had to go out of town so Damon and I took a trip up to Heber to party.  Chito and Michelle threw a happening Halloween get together and it was so fun!  Their place looked amazing and super scary (I wish I had a good picture) and they had some of the funniest little trick-or-treaters come by while we were there ha!  Damon dressed up as a tiger and he was not a fan of his costume at all.  He only wore it for a few minutes the whole night.  He does not like having things on his head so the hood really bothered him and he kept trying to bite it.  Even though he didn't like being a tiger I LOVED dressing him up for Halloween!  I was so sad BJ missed it but we did get to FaceTime with him while Damon was in costume.  All in all it was a pretty exciting 1st Halloween for the little guy!

"The Padre"
Cute outfit his auntie sent him
Halloween outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Hess

Well Damon,

You are 4 months...well almost 5 but your mother is not very on top of things so this is a tad behind.  All of a sudden you are so active, alert and receptive.  You talk to us all the time in your cute baby language and laugh sometimes.  You laugh more for other people than you do for us :) You can roll from your tummy onto your back but can't quite figure out how to get from your back to your stomach.  You are still constantly moving unless you are asleep and even then the tiniest noise will make you stir.  Your hair sticks straight up all over your head and we cannot get it to go down.  You are still a fan of football games on TV and now you pay attention to music and kick around when you hear it.  Anything you can get your little hands on goes right in your mouth; your fingers, other people's fingers, toys, remote control...anything.  You also have this fascination with the remote control!  I guess you are just starting early!

For the most part, you are a happy kid full of smiles.  Sleeping through the night is still something the 3 of us struggle with but we are hoping this improves since one of your parents is a lightweight when it comes to lack of sleep :) We love you so much and can't wait to see what you'll do each day!

4 Months Old!
4 month portraits
I love the faces he pulls

Halloween portraits

Happy little guy
Grandpa Kim can always get him right to sleep

A "sweet" new habit

Just posing :)
Uncle Chit's hat doesn't quite fit yet

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Week To Remember

Wow...I thought I posted this weeks ago....ha oops

The second week in October was one I will never forget...Chito and Michelle were going to be married Saturday, October 15th, but our family had no idea just how special the week leading up to the 15th would actually be.  Early Wednesday morning Allie called me and said that she was on her way to the post office because her mission call had finally arrived!  She had been IMPATIENTLY waiting for a few weeks for it to come.  When she opened it we were all so excited to see that she had been called to the Peru, Lima Central Mission!

This is very exciting because our Dad is from Peru and she will be teaching quite close to where he grew up!  We couldn't believe it...little Allie going on a mission and all the way to PERU!  I am thrilled...she will be a wonderful missionary and will be able to teach people that she already has a connection to.  She will enter the Provo MTC in February and a few weeks later will transfer to the MTC in Peru before she gets to her mission.  That same day we were blessed to be able to go to the Temple with Michelle for her first time.

Friday morning Damon went to play with Aunt Donna and Trey while Allie went to the Temple for the first time. Saturday morning we drove to the Salt Lake Temple to see Michelle and Chito sealed. The wedding was beautiful and the weather cooperated wonderfully for their special day.  We took pictures at the Temple with the new Mr. & Mrs. Capunay and then drove to Midway for their luncheon and reception. Michelle planned the most beautiful reception!  The lighting, decorations and music were amazing!  They had a photo booth set up with frames so that people could take pictures-I loved it.  She should definitely plan events for a pictures don't do the place justice. It was great to see so many friends and family that we don't get to see regularly.  CONGRATULATIONS CHITO AND MICHELLE!

Needless to say it was quite the eventful week!  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful things happening all at the same time!

 Oh Yeah!

 First dance as husband and wife

Cami and Damon
 Tucker, Hads and Caden were the best dancers out there!  I wish I could get videos to work on here-I have the best video of Caden tearing up the dance floor :)

 With the good-looking groom

Cutest little guy at the party