Friday, December 23, 2011

Month 5! Getting so BIG

Damon Jay,

5 Months...I swear time goes quicker and quicker every day.  You are getting so funny!  Your little personality kills us.  You are usually in a pretty good mood and smile and laugh, but the other night you were swinging and were almost asleep when your dad stood in front of you and started trying to talk to you.  You just stared at him with the dirtiest look for quite a while and then turned to me and did the same thing.  You looked back and forth at us until we decided to leave you alone.  This went on for quite a while and we were dying laughing! We are so looking forward to what you will be like when get a little older.  You are trying to turn over now.  You have been able to go from your tummy to back but finally figured out how to turn from your back to your stomach...only once!  Yay :)  

You started eating rice cereal and you do really well with it!  It is a tad frustrating for you because it is not very quick eating from a spoon.  You seem to like it more each day!  Your sleeping habits are still not the greatest and we are hoping you get it figured out...soon please!  We adore you and are so happy you are in our life.  Love you! 


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